Earlier this year I bought the Dahua VCS-SH30 PoE speaker to play music for the local wildlife here in the Texas Hill Country.

It has a 15W amp, 512MB internal memory and supports expansion via MicroSD slot. I’m using a Samsung Pro Plus 128GB MicroSD and the full capacity is recognized. For pole mounting I used the PK-088 kit from Polycase.

The speaker’s SIP protocol support is pretty useless as it limits you to 8KHz audio (G.711 codec). The best audio quality is achieved by uploading MP3s to the speaker and playing from storage.

I’ve integrated the speaker with Home Assistant to play speech and jingles upon various events such as camera object detection.

You can find the source code for my Home Assistant component here: https://github.com/JonLech/hass-dahua-speaker.

Dahua VCS-SH30 mounted on a pole

Dahua VCS-SH30 MicroSD slot