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  1. lol, those are great, and pretty true too. Gentoo was great, but became a pain in the ass. I love naked people so that’s why I use Ubuntu πŸ˜›

  2. Great news, Jon!!
    This is very funny πŸ™‚
    ps: This is my first post on your blog.

  3. I use Gentoo myself. It was a PITA to get running, but now that it is, I’m pretty sure it’s the best distro I’ve tried so far. The second best is SimplyMEPIS. While it is hard to install, it’s also got an undeserved bad reputation for everything taking forever. Portage and emerge are actually rather fast. Not as fast as apt, but still rather fast.
    Ubuntu was probably the worst distro I ever tried. It had horrible compatibility with Debian debs. I couldn’t get Transcode installed. I kept getting problems with installed packages, and Universe and Multiverse lacking packages that only Debian can supply.
    My suggestions and opinions about some distros to people:
    Quick, easy, functional: SimplyMEPIS.
    Slow (installation), challenging, rewarding: Gentoo
    Pain in the ass, incompatible, ugly default GUI (Gnome): Ubuntu


  4. Okay, so jokes aren’t funny when you explain them, but would someone tell me what the Ubuntu one is all about?

  5. Ubuntu was probably the worst distro I ever tried. It had horrible compatibility with Debian debs

    I found this quote on Ubuntu’s website

    ‘We don’t aim for “binary compatibility”‘

    The reason your Debian debs didn’t work well is because they aren’t necessarily supposed to work with Ubuntu. Just because Ubuntu was Debian based at one time, and probably will be synched at future times, doesn’t mean your debian debs will work. If they do happen to work, you got lucky. Likewise, Ubuntu debs will not always work on Debian machines, but you might get lucky.

  6. well, i didn’t find them funny at all. if my girlfriend find them and can’t understand it either i’m f**ked!

  7. I am sorry to say it, but if it is true, your girlfriend s pretty stupid πŸ™‚ She doesn’t need to understand it, but if you say you will be f**ked, She _is_ stupid.

  8. Sweet (see link above) people actually notice the crap I post πŸ™‚
    Legend in my own lunchtime
    (Shows all six pictures all one page which is nicer for users with fast connections.)

    As for explaining^Wkilling the joke it comes from the mild contraversy Ubuntu generated by their choice of artwork

    If you liked these you will probably like my post about Uncyclopedia and Gnome

  9. I read the article about you in the Wall Street Journal. It was very interesting. Peace out.

  10. Hey Jon, I read an article about you on the WSJ last Sunday. Keep up the awesome work man, I’m fully committed to your cause too, although don’t have the necessary tech skills for doing so.

    Does anyone on this forum know if the Sonic Stage music format (for the Sony Mini-Disk prodcuts) is crackable, and can be converted to MP#?


  11. Really funny!!
    I must make some picture on Suse, it’s a complete crap.

    I used Suse 9.3 for 4 mounths and I can say: I love gentoo.

  12. Hello Jon,
    This is a really funny post. πŸ™‚

    btw, Wish you good luck and god speed in your new job in the USA.

  13. Great pics, every one was a good laugh, particularly the Gentoo one. I use gentoo and it is a serious PITA to set up but once it’s up and running it’s by far the best distro I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried damn near all of the major ones). I’m surprised no mention of dependency hell was made in any of the RPM based distro’s.

  14. HILARIOUS πŸ™‚

    loved each and every one of em. I myself am a debian user, named my lil kitty debian, and the elitism tinged (is that even a word?) hard with me πŸ™‚

  15. Jon: I am the author of those posters (and run arouse.net). Glad you like them, and thanks for the mini-slashdotting πŸ™‚

    Shura: I get asked about SuSE often. My answer has been I haven’t thought of anything funny enough for a poster. The closest I got is that back in the day, SuSE came with about 20 CDs. Maybe I can do something with that. Ideas?

  16. Bonjour!
    Alors tu ne nous parles pas de ton recrutement chez MP3Tunes..?
    En tout cas j’espΓ¨re que tout va bien se passer pour toi et qu’on aura encore l’occasion de te voir passer par ici…

    So you don’t write about your MP3Tunes recruiting…?
    Anyway, I hope you found a great place to work and everything will be fine but you will still be gone through this blog…

    Take care of you


  17. hilarious – thanks for sharing. caught your article on wired.com – thats’ cool. so, you decided to work in San Diego instead of Norway? (thats cool – Norway still rocks in my book) hope the new job and future plans bring you great success.

  18. i didnt get the debian one. true!


    can someone explain it? please?


  19. gah, this form is evil. I forgot to fill in my email addy and it ate my post – the back button got me a blank form in firefox.
    anyways… I’m not sure I get the ubuntu one. is that link safe-for-work? I was considering trying ubuntu on my friend’s comp, but maybe I shouldn’t- we’re both straight girls πŸ˜›

  20. LOL.
    As a Slackware user, I gotta say that Slackware picture is SOOO true πŸ˜‰

  21. I just want to say Gentoo, Debian and Ubuntu are the best for their own purpose. If you only want a desktop, fast for normal office stuff, get Ubuntu. If you want a really stable server with not latest software then get Debian. And if you are a freak (like me), and you want to have always the latest software and you have a fast computer, the GENTOO is the choice!!! It certainly take time to install it, but once it’s running it’s just FREEDOM…

  22. I think the Debian one might come from our sheer number of programs. (Yes, I use Debian too, it’s the first distro I didn’t kill in two weeks (and only).)

    What I mean is, we seem to have so many programs, that it’s like you order a hamburger, milkshake, ice cream cone (dipped), apple pie, and salad, then the cashier asks “do you want fries with that?”.

    No idea on the picture, though.

  23. Hilarious.

    The Gentoo is my obvious fave. Anyone who’s ever installed or even tried to install but failed must agree.

    Ubuntu ‘just works’ for must people and it is what I now use alongside XP. Damn games.

  24. why the hell would your girlfriend give a shit if you had naked girls on your computer? if she says something slap her

  25. Hey, wtf is wrong w/ 1995? Slackware still rocks!! 1995 was a great year too!

    But then again, I still listen to acid house and dress like a raver.

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