Stream audio to your AirPort Express Copyright © 2005 Jon Lech Johansen Dependencies: .NET runtime (Mono 1.1.8 or Microsoft .NET) Latest Release: Binary: JustePort.exe (MD5: 9e323d74801bd7b9a08667535948c5d4) Source Code: JustePort-0.2.tar.gz (MD5: a2afb9543905d0bfc4f29b156201551b) Syntax: JustePort.exe input ipaddress [volume] (volume range is -144 to 0, default: -30.00) Example 1 – streaming a MPEG4 Apple Lossless file: JustePort.exe ~/Music/song1.m4a … Continue reading “JustePort”

HomePod + Android #ForbiddenLove

14 years… It’s hard to believe, but that’s how long it’s been since Apple introduced AirPlay audio streaming (originally called AirTunes) with the release of the first AirPort Express. From Apple’s press release in 2004: AirTunes is Appleā€™s breakthrough music networking technology which works seamlessly with iTunes running on either Macs or PCs to let … Continue reading “HomePod + Android #ForbiddenLove”

Rogue developers

Update: The issue has been resolved. See update at the bottom of the post. In August 2004, I reverse engineered Apple’s AirTunes protocol and released JustePort, the first non-Apple application to enable streaming to the AirPort Express. Because of my work, Rogue Amoeba was able to develop their $25 AirFoil application – a much more … Continue reading “Rogue developers”


Picture is Copyright (C) 2004 Per Johan Johansen. All rights reserved. Click here for press picture. History November 1983: Born in Harstad, Norway to a Polish mother and Norwegian father December 1983: First encounter with a home computer: father’s Sinclair ZX Spectrum (picture above is from 1986) 1998: Installed GNU/Linux for the first time: RedHat … Continue reading “About”

Reversing AirTunes

I’ve released JustePort, a tool which lets you stream MPEG4 Apple Lossless files to your AirPort Express. The stream is encrypted with AES and the AES key is encrypted with RSA. AirPort Express RSA Public Key, Modulus: 59dE8qLieItsH1WgjrcFRKj6eUWqi+bGLOX1HL3U3GhC/j0Qg90u3sG/1CUtwC 5vOYvfDmFI6oSFXi5ELabWJmT2dKHzBJKa3k9ok+8t9ucRqMd6DZHJ2YCCLlDR KSKv6kDqnw4UwPdpOMXziC/AMj3Z/lUVX1G7WSHCAWKf1zNS1eLvqr+boEjXuB OitnZ/bDzPHrTOZz0Dew0uowxf/+sG+NCK3eQJVxqcaJ/vEHKIVd2M+5qL71yJ Q+87X6oV3eaYvt3zWZYD6z5vYTcrtij2VZ9Zmni/UAaHqn9JdsBWLUEpVviYnh imNVvYFZeCXg/IdTQ+x4IRdiXNv5hEew== Exponent: AQAB MD5(JustePort-0.1.tar.gz) = fe13e96751958c6e9d57cce0caa7b17b Update: JustePort is not Windows-only. Thanks to … Continue reading “Reversing AirTunes”